"both high and low culture have produced masterpieces and works of mediocrity. it is our task to find beauty in unexpected places." — jahsonic (june, 2006), art & popular culture wiki

"i urge you: learn to look at ‘bad’ films, they are so often sublime." — adonis kyrou,
le surréalisme au cinéma (1953)

"a still is not a film. it lacks the dimensions of time and movement — indispensable components of film art — and represents only a small fraction of a single second of a given motion picture." — amos vogel, film as a subversive art (1974)

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74 notes BELLE DE JOUR (LUIS BUÑUEL, 1967)


July 1st
Tags: cinema, bunuel, 1967, deneuve,

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    nosex BELLE DE JOUR (LUIS BUÑUEL, 1967)
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